We are in the Southeastern edge of Illinois. 
From the north. Just find IL. Rt.13 & IL. Rt.1 go 8 miles on IL. Rt.1 South to Thacker Hollow Rd on the right." blue Double M Campground sign " go 1 mile on Thacker Hollow Rd. we are on the left. 
From the South. Find where KY.91 crosses the Ohio River on the Cave-In-Rock river ferry here it becomes IL.Rt.1 North go 12 miles to Thacker Hollow Rd. on the left" blue Double M Campground sign " down Thacker Hollow Rd.1 mile on the left. 
Double M Campground
5320 Thacker Hollow Rd.
Junction, IL. 62954
                                            N 37 37.890
                                            W 88 16.374

 Many GPS units are leading folks down Salt Well Rd. this is a narrow road not suitable for lg.trailers.Stick to IL.Rt.1.
   Thanks, Heath 
GPS. Coordinates for some of the places to ride.
N.P. is an easly reconizable navigation point.
Double M Campground  
n37 37.606 w088 16.467
Window Rock n37 37.175  w088 16.507
Lake View n37 37.274  w088 16.188
N.P. Ozee Cemetary n37 37.049  w088 15.429
Paint Horse cabin/ Blacks cabin 
n37 37.474  w088 17.799
N.P. Thacker Cemetary 
n37 37.334  w088 17.905
Blue Hole n37 36.587  w088 15.720
Stone Cabin n37 36.861 w088 15.172
Hay Stack  n37 36.302  w 088 16.056
Old A Frame  n37 36.845  w088 14.377
N.P. Elbow Tree n37 36.861  w088 17.243
Initial Tree n37 36.417  w088 14.377
Tanner Hill/Circle rock/NoNo rock
 n37 36.177  w088 18.901
N.P. Old Chimney  n37 36.768  w088 19.322
Copeman Spring n37 36.469  w088 19.897
Hide Out  n37 36.480  w088 20.722